These are stories that you might know. They are universal. Stories about what one sees, reads, eats and experiences daily. Stories that were borne out of a sudden burst of creativity or frustration, boredom, love, hate and what it means to be human nowadays.

These stories are here to delight you, to annoy you and maybe even to inspire you.

Cinema is very important for me and the way I experience daily life. I studied Film and I really believe that the way we experience life nowadays is mediated by the onslaught of images we see on TV or in the movie theatre. However, this is not always bad. Studying film, I had to delve into psychology, history, historiography, philosophy, biology and literature. It is a truly multi-disciplinary subject that still fascinates me.

Then there is food. I am a passionate hobby chef. I feel there is nothing better than discovering new flavour combinations and just enjoying a great glass of wine or beer. I am lucky to live in The Netherlands, where there are excellent micro-breweries and an exciting restaurant culture.

On this blog you can expect to find film reviews, recipes that inspired me and a new venture of mine: writing exercises.

So enjoy and please leave a comment if you feel like it!

Contact me by email at cinepicurean@gmail.com, or social media @cinepicurean or A Cinepicurean’s Confessions on Facebook!

The Cinepicurean



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