The Art of the Sandwich


Ah…what is more satisfying than taking the first bite out of an excellently constructed sandwich? My boyfriend always makes fun of me of how seriously I take sandwich-making. I do feel that I have strong opinions of what constitutes a good sandwich, values that have been instilled in me by my father, the Master of Sandwich-Making.

One of my secret dreams is to have a food truck specialized in a very special sandwich. How exciting would it be to just quit my job and completely switch career paths? Also quite terrifying.

For now, I will continue meeting and creating delicious sandwiches!




Game Changer


Photo: Tarama salad with crispy kale and toasted hazelnuts with a citrus dressing at Clamato in Paris. 

Has there ever been a meal or dish that changed the way you feel about food in its entirety? An experience so profound that it shattered your beliefs about cooking, restaurants and made you question your existence as an omnivore? This, my non-readers, was mine. This was my game changer.

I am a meat-lover and eater, a responsible one mind you. I do not buy sad chicken anymore, or sad pig…although apparently in this country (The Netherlands) they lie to us about it. I try to get organic meat and don’t eat it every day. However, I still do appreciate the beauty of a delicious piece of succulent pork or juicy chicken thigh. I am salivating just typing these words.

In March, we went away for a weekend in Paris. Two and a half hours by train and we were in the middle, well the north, of gay Paree. It was great. We have been before, so this trip was purely about eating food and walking around like a true flâneur.

I had a few restaurants on my list: mostly places Anthony Bourdain has been to. That guy just knows where to eat well. Why not make use of it? I have a phobia of tourist traps in big cities, so I like to do my research. So Tony, as his friends call him, led us to Clamato. A great fresh seafood place on the edge of the Le Marais district. We had a few dishes to share: whelks, clams, oysters and then the mind-blowing beauty that was the tarama salad.

I am so glad I know exactly where this restaurant is located, because I want to go back and eat more from the people who invented heaven on a plate.






Work Lunch


Photo: A spiced beef Manoush from the Lebanese Sajeria in Amsterdam.

When I started working at ELIA in February 2016, I arrived with a fresh energy, ready to take on my first (second, but WWC somehow doesn’t count) real job. A job where I could stay for at least a year. It felt like a security blanket warm and fuzzy and filled with potentially fun co-workers.

Little did I know that I joined an office environment where everyone ate at their desks, glued to their screen. I came from offices where everyone ate at a communal lunch table, fought over the avocados and shared stories about the latest TV shows they watched. I was psyched to finally have a real connection with my colleagues.

At the first staff meeting I brought up the topic. Two of my colleagues were very supportive of the idea and enthusiastically approved the idea of having lunch together every day. But the others shot me down. It was quite painful. But I tried to keep a smiling face and say it doesn’t matter, we will make the office lunches look so good, they would definitely want to join!

Of course, this did not happen. We had two or three lunches together and then we reverted to having food in front of our screens. I lost my energy to fight. At least we had the smoking breaks.

2017 is a new year, new energy, new colleagues! I am happy to say that it only took one extra person, that one little bit of critical mass to push us over the threshold. Now we have lunch every day together. We even order food and we have Falafel Tuesdays! Sometimes the discussions are forced and there are times where I would prefer having a half hour to myself. But everything beats eating in front of my screen.

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