A place to be

Writing this blog is quite a new activity for me. Firstly, I am writing it purely for myself and as an exercise in writing. I feel that I need an outlet for all the pent-up creative energy in me.

I am currently unemployed and my self-esteem is extremely low. I feel like I am worth nothing, that my studies were useless and that my life is going nowhere. However, I also feel that I deserve a chance to try to be good at a job. The fact that I do not get a chance like that is unfair.

After a lot of arguments with my partner, I decided that it is time to do something therapeutic. And in this day and age, everyone turns to the internet for therapy. Be it self-diagnosing illnesses or just venting their frustrations on other people in the form of cyber-bullying, the online verse is a place where in some form or another, one can be heard.

I am not looking for sympathy, nor a huge readership. I just want to carve out a space for myself where I feel comfortable expressing my thoughts and passions. It is my self-prescribed therapy.