Reinventing myself – a cinepicurean confession

I started this blog with the intention of just writing down everything I thought about, a sort of diarrhoea of thought. I felt sometimes the painful cramps in my mind, itching to share what I thought about things. The moment I started writing though, the academic writer in me took over. I had worries like “No one really cares about what you think”, “Your arguments need to be well-reasoned and neatly presented”, “The internet does not need another blog about being a 20-something year-old” etc.

Faced with these mind-obstacles, I started to wonder why I named the blog Cinepicurean in the first place. ‘Cine’ came from cinema of course, and ‘epicurean’ from my unconditional love of food and cooking. But how to combine the two, these seemingly different areas of interest?

Well, prepare yourselves for the revelation – Food and Film pairings! Do I mean films that feature foods or that are about the restaurant industry? No. I want to combine them into the perfect marriage for the senses. Think of food and wine pairings. The former is enhanced and complemented by the other and vice versa.

fullmetaljacketTake for example, Goodfellas. Now you could go for the easy spaghetti and meatballs, however you could also go for something more authentically Sicilian like a caponata or a delectable seafood couscous. This, of course, is a very simplified explanation of what I would like to achieve.

The analysis of the film should be intertwined with flavour combinations and enhanced by food memories. For example, whenever I have good filter coffee, I automatically think of Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks having a damn good cup of coffee. When I watch Full Metal Jacket, it reminds of the bloodiest steak I have ever eaten (mostly inspired by Animal Mother). And so on…

I have been known to dabble in the culinary arts, so all of this talk would be accompanied by me actually preparing the dishes and then possibly inviting people over for a dinner party/film evening. This way, writing a blog becomes automatically more social.

Question remains, will anyone be interested in what I have to say?