A new beginning?

One of the first posts I wrote was about the purpose of this blog, or in other words, what prompted me to start writing. Since then I haven’t been writing that much at all. I was unemployed, frustrated and my boyfriend was telling me to go and do something with my life, which was hurtful since I was really doing my best in trying to find a job.

I have done a few internships and when I finally got hired for a real job, I was ecstatic. I felt like an adult. I would get a proper salary and feel for the first time that I can afford things. 6 months later the company went bankrupt and I was let go. For a few months I received unemployment benefit, but I didn’t have enough work experience to rely on that for a longer time.

And thus, my grueling job search started. Not enough work experience, not enough expertise, the wrong study, the wrong qualification. The rejections were flooding in and my morale was being buried under the deluge. I swore to myself that my priorities were to find a job in the film/cultural sector and that it would have to be a paying job since I was 26 turning 27 and let’s be honest I should be financially independent by now.

I had a few interviews where I felt that it might go somewhere only to be rejected three weeks later. Then I started thinking, maybe it would be good to have more experience and what better way to gain more experience than working as a slave..sorry, intern, for a company with a good network and some prestige.

I caught a glimpse of a great internship position in a big photography company and I applied. I thought, what the hell, I have nothing to lose. I ended up getting the job. I was happy I had something to do again. I was even happier that it was somehow linked to what I studied and the direction I wanted to go towards career-wise. Thankful as I was, I still had it in the back of my mind that I am doing yet another internship. I am 27 years old. Some people have kids by this age. Some people are buying a house, getting a mortgage etc. I felt like I was lagging behind with my life. That I was not performing the role of being a 27 year old properly.

Now, I have made my peace with it all. I am working hard, or more like interning hard. Maybe they will hire me at the end of it, maybe not. I cannot count on anything but I am grateful to be here. To be active and to meet awesome people who love their jobs.

So this is why I didn’t have time to write. I was busy with life and new/old beginnings. Besides, I don’t have any readers so who cares, right? 🙂